Why Larry Smith's Grant was Denied

Larry Smith of Coquitlam, BC was supposed to lose 35lbs, however he said it would be difficult for him to do so because of a 'Health Concern' and asked if he could just lose 20lbs instead. (Larry is 6' 1" and weighed 217lbs. He needed to lose 35lbs)

We took Larry at his word that losing more than 20lbs would put him in harm's way so we gave him permission to only lose 20 lbs.

When Larry lost his 20lbs (he actually lost 25lbs), he asked for his grant.

We asked Larry to now provide supporting documentation from his doctor that proves he was telling us the truth about his 'health concern' and that there was a legitimate reason why he could only lose 20lbs.

In the absence of Larry backing up his request for special consideration, he must then lose the same amount of weight that anyone else would have to lose in order to claim the grant.

We were holding Larry to strict proof and expected him to be telling the truth.

We advised Larry that his file was approved in anticipation that his doctor would validate the weigh out form Larry submitted and that there was a supporting medical reason as to why Larry could not lose more than 20lbs.

It turns out that Larry's 'health concern' was a 'bad back'.

It's likely that Larry would have improved his achy back if he lost more weight, which is probably the reason his doctor would not provide him with a letter stating that Larry should not lose more than 20lbs.

In fact, even though his deadline passed, when CBC contacted us, we still gave Larry an opportunity to get a doctor's note supporting his 'health reason' for only wanting to lose 20lbs.

We have yet to receive the doctor's note.

Larry needs to support the claim he made upon which the special consideration was being given, otherwise, the special consideration is not valid.

If Larry initially said, 'I don't want to lose 35 lbs, I only want to lose 20 lbs', then we would have rejected his request. Rather, Larry cited a health concern which now needs to be proven since he is asking for the grant, and since he didn't lose the 35 lbs he was supposed to lose.

Conversely, if Larry said he can only lose 20 lbs instead of 35 lbs due to a health concern, and then lost the 35 lbs, then he would get his grant because he complied with the rules just like anyone else without receiving special dispensation.

As suggested, if Larry's doctor provides a medical note indicating a genuine pre-condition upon which Larry should not have lost 35lbs, then Larry will have qualified for his grant even though he only lost 20 lbs. Absent the proof, then Larry's 'health concern' was untrue to begin with and he should have lost 35 lbs to qualify for the grant just like anyone else would have had to.

We reserve the right to take applicants to task on the veracity and truthfulness of the documents and information they submit in order to receive grant monies from us.

Larry Smith
Coquitlam, BC

Source: CBC Website