Why Kari Sardella didn't Get her Grant

Fran Lambie of Calgary, AB posted the following on CBC's website under the comment section:

"Happened to me too. Suddenly the rules changed and “oh well, you were supposed to do this , and that six months ago” when nowhere at anytime was that explained to me. SHAME on BOTH organizations for scamming vulnerable people that need help. I hope they are held accountable and if there is a lawsuit I want in!!!"

So we took the liberty of viewing Fran's file only to see that she had not lost her weight, nor did she even weigh out or apply to redeem the grant.

Fran is 'piling on'.

Here is the response we used to reply to Fran, which was deleted by the CBC:

"Rules changed? Dear Fran, your deadline was March 2nd, 2019 and by then you did not reach your goal of 146 lbs, so you didn't weigh out or remit any documentation. Which rule changed? Please tell me, I'd like to help you."