Why Jennifer Pratt's Grant was Denied

This page is in response to Jennifer Pratt's posting on the comment's section of CBC's website whereby Ms Pratt has wrongly declared that she was entitled to her grant.

We have not accused Ms Pratt of any wrong-doing, however we are standing by our position that Ms Pratt is not entitled to her grant for the following reasons:

Jennifer Pratt's grant was rejected because she weighed out late.

Jennifer's deadline was January 9th, 2019, but she didn't weight out until January 22nd, 2019.

Accordingly, Ms Pratt took an extra 2 weeks to lose her weight, which she was not entitled to do.

We also have not received her patient file from her doctor to prove her weight was duly charted as she declared.

Ms Pratt put herself into the public domain when she took to CBC's comments page in order to criticize us and to claim that she is deserved of the grant.

We attempted to contradict Ms Pratt's claim on CBC's website, but our posting was removed or blocked by CBC.

Accordingly, WLGO is entitled to fair comment and has the right to defend itself regarding Ms Pratt's claim, and is doing so here.

WLGO has, in its possession, supporting documentation regarding the aforementioned.