Why Jennifer Gruber's Grant was Denied

Jennifer Gruber was rejected because her doctor did not confirm her weight declaration form, nor did he supply the patient record which would demonstrate that Ms Gruber was properly weighed, and that the charting notes in her file match the weight indicated on her weigh out form.


We sent a request to Jennifer's doctor in January 2019 for the supporting documentation and it was not received.

Henceforth, we recently received a sworn declaration April 24th, 2019 from a person that was not the attending physician, was not a party to the interaction, and was not in attendance at the time of the interaction, so we did not accept it. (Swearing under oath to the particulars of an event to which you were not in attendance is a breach of fiduciary duty.)

Recently, we were advised that the attending physician was no longer at the clinic, however upon investigation we learned that he was still there until March 2019, yet did not confirm the weight declaration that was requested in January 2019.

The overarching issue with the sign out form is that the doctor that signed the form did not do so with a duty of care for accuracy, rather, he simply took direction from Jennifer, which seems to include a request to satisfy her need for a 'patient record'.

The patient record is not standard. It should read 'Patient Visit', not 'Vitals Entry'. The patient record does not support the attending doctor's charting notes on the day of the weigh out. Rather, it looks like the second doctor is entering the information for the first time on the date that he is making the sworn statement.


To wit:

  • The 'patient file' does not show the name of the doctor or clinician that originally entered the information.

  • The 'patient file' does not show the name of the doctor or clinician that requested the patient record.

  • The 'patient file' does not provide for the usual disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

  • The 'patient file' is missing the date and time stamp of when the record was requested.

  • The 'patient file' is characterized as 'Vitals Entry' as opposed to the proper characterization which should be 'Visit Record'.

Based on the aforementioned, it appears that the stand-in doctor was creating an 'entry' into the patient record (or creating an original patient record) for the first time when he was signing the forms on behalf of the original doctor.

The following has also created a 'red flag' regarding the truthfulness of Jennifer's grant claim:

On July 24th, 2017, Jennifer's starting weigh was 276 lbs. Her goal was to lose 44 lbs (Goal weight 232lbs) and her deadline to do so was October 25th, 2018.

On Sept 20th, 2018, Jennifer weighed 248 lbs, suggesting that she had lost 28 lbs in about 15 months.

Then, from Sep 20th, 2018 to her deadline of October 25th, Jennifer claimed to lose 19lbs in just 22 days, thereby suddenly reaching her goal in the nick of time.

We were skeptical as it initially took Jennifer about 420 days to lose just 28lbs, and then in the 22 days leading up to the date that she weighed out, Jennifer says that she lost 19 lbs. (About a pound a day, which is not impossible, but is certainly very difficult to do unless you are starving yourself as the more weight you lose, the harder it gets)

Jennifer's sister-in-law also followed the same path as Jennifer and also miraculously lost 19 lbs in her final month.

We asked how she (Jennifer Gruber) and her sister-in-law achieved such rapid weight loss in such a short period of time, but there was no reply.

We would also have liked CBC or Ms Gruber to attend at Ms Gruber's doctor's office to get the proper patient file and show it to us to demonstrate that the missing doctor's charting notes were real, and that her true weight was conscientiously documented, however the patient file, along with the doctor that took her weight, seem to have both vanished.

If Ms Gruber can produce a properly documented patient file from the original doctor proving her weigh out, she can have her grant.

We will update this page if we receive the true documents.

We have sent a request to Ms Gruber's doctor for information needed on her file.

We have not received it as of May 25th, 2019.


We will update upon receipt of the information.