WLGO was always a business that we believed in. We created it and we did a lot of good. Many people experienced life-changing outcomes that improved their lives for the better.

Our doors are still open because we believe that the people who legitimately lost their weight should get their reward. And that is what we are going to do, however it will take us some time to make it happen.


Once we have completed the review of every file, we will pay legitimate claims and then officially close our doors.

We will keep you updated.

Dear Doctors: We Apologize!

We sympathize with all the doctors that have tried to be helpful when weighing out our applicants and apologize for any hassles caused.

From the feedback we've received, the doctors ultimately feel the need to comply and do what their patients ask of them for fear of bad online reviews. That means having willful blindness when it comes to signing weight declaration forms that are not accurate or true.

In our current world it is very hard for businesses and health care professionals to conduct themselves in a reasonable matter for fear of bad online reviews and for fear of reprisal.

We do not put any blame on any doctor. The doctors and their staff are just doing what they feel they need to do in order to protect their interests and their reputations.

To All those that lost their weight but have been delayed receiving your Grant Payment:

We sympathize with all of the people who have legitimately lost their weight within the guidelines and time frame for doing so. We're sorry that we cannot pay out your Grant as quickly as we normally would, however over 75% of grant requests are not legitimate and we must review every file in order to determine which ones are valid, and that takes time, especially with a small staff.