At first, Rory O'Shea lied to us and said he was Sean O'Shea's brother to intimidate us.

Now, we received an email this morning from Rory O'Shea saying that he is not the brother of Sean O'Shea.

Here is the excerpt:

From: Rory O'Shea <>
Date: Sun, May 26, 2019 at 12:20 AM
Subject: Re: Your concerns
To: George Scodras <>
Cc: Katherine Bowes <>

...First up: you believed my claim that Sean O'Shea is my bother.  Same surname.  Big deal.  Should have done a little investigative work on your own to discover we"re not related.  Sean and I did have a good chuckle about it on the phone today though.  I understand you can expect a call from Global's legal team on Monday.

He ain't heavy, and he ain't my brother...
How Rory O'Shea lost 30 lbs and a brother he never had.
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Firstly, we're glad to hear that Rory finds all of this funny and that he had a good chuckle. (Let's see if Global TV finds Rory funny)


Ok, so Rory and Sean aren't brothers. Global's lawyers said so.

But let's not forget where this came from. It was Rory O'Shea and not us that created the pretext for the incorrect narrative. We were simply relating information we believed to be true at the time, thanks to Rory and relied on the following as circumstantial:

  • Rory is also in the same media business as Sean having hosted TV and radio shows as well. See Rory's Linked in page Here

  • Both have Toronto - Calgary roots

  • And, let's face it, the timing of Rory's threat and the Global TV segment airing is uncanny.

    You're a good liar Rory. You lied about having a 'medical condition' so you wouldn't have to lose more than 13% of your weight, and you lied about Sean O'Shea being your brother so we would be intimidated into giving you money you didn't deserve in the hopes we would pay up to preserve our reputation. (Which is what shows like ConsumerSOS rely on. Read More

    You now have $1920 to prove how good a liar you are. And yet you wonder why we task grant applicants to prove their grant claim? Look in the mirror, You are the reason why.

    By the way, we find it ironic that Rory blames us for believing his lie.

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