What if I am still currently losing weight in the program?
Keep at it! We will be here to respond to your grant request once you have lost your weight by the deadline for doing so.

You can still login to your Funding Portal to have your questions answered by our team.

Once you lose your weight, please follow the instructions in the funding portal for redeeming your Grant. Please be sure to follow the rules and avoid sending in a request for your Grant unless you have complied with all the rules.

What if I have lost my weight and I am in the redemption stage?

If you have lost your weight and are claiming your grant, please be sure to fully comply with the program terms when submitting your documentation.

The terms can be viewed Here

Please Note: All grant claims are fully audited for accuracy and compliance. We strongly suggest that you do not request a grant if you have not lost the amount of weight you were supposed to lose (or more) as of your deadline.

Has the WLGO program been successful?
To date, we have provided over $733,000 in grant payments and expect many more success stories once some of the people that are currently enrolled reach their goal.

Many people didn't reach their goal weight in the prescribed time, however they did lose enough weight to make them feel better and improve on their health.

We knew that many people would not prevail, as it's not always easy to lose weight, but even if they didn't reach their goal, they would still have lost some amount of weight which is better than not losing any weight at all as there is evidence to support the fact that even a 10% reduction in body weight can benefit an individual's overall health.

The Weight Loss Grants program was instrumental in giving people the motivation to reach their goal. Nothing succeeds like success.

For some, the program may have been a distraction that got in the way of the intended goal, which is to lose weight as opposed to just wanting to win the grant, but even for those people, we wish you luck reaching your goals.

Did WLGO change the rules along the way?
No, the spirit and intent of the rules were never changed, they were always in place.

We acknowledge that we were not rigid enforcing the rules, however eventually needed to do so when the rules began to be severely abused.

The WLGO program is unique, even to this day, and when there is no precedent, it's hard to know what the weaknesses may be or how the program might be abused.

In that regard, the following clause has always been in our Guidelines:

Fraud Mitigation:

​WLGO reserves the right to mitigate fraud and / or abuse of its Program. Accordingly, Applicant agrees and understands that WLGO may undertake to verify documentation which in some circumstances may delay the timely remittance of Grant payments. WLGO may also request that Applicant submits to a random weigh-in audit. Failure to comply with a weigh-in audit will void Applicant's eligibility.

Applicant also consents to comply with any reasonable measure deemed necessary in order for WLGO to verify the veracity of Applicant's weight loss and or to assist WLGO in deterring fraud and abuse.

You can view it Here.

Accordingly, at all times, WLGO had the legal and moral right to ensure that grant claims were legitimate and that the program criterion was followed.

There is no provision for expecting a grant just because we are unaware of bad behavior.

After discovering many ways in which people were 'gaming' the system, we implemented certain audit mechanisms that exposed those ways.


Has the WLGO program ended?
Yes & No.

We are still here to answer calls and process outstanding grant claims.

However we will no longer accept new applications unless they are from sponsors that have an existing contract that has not yet expired.



That said, it has truly become a challenge for our team to effectively manage the amount of administration involved in verifying and auditing Grant claims.

Unfortunately, many people expect the Grant, even if they have not complied with the program guidelines, which then places an undue burden on our administration budget to verify the weight of people that live hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

We understand that consumer's feel that it is a company's responsibility to delight them and to 'make things easy', but applicants are not 'customers' or 'clients'; rather they are people that are asking us for free money and we have the right to hold them to a verifiable standard of proof before receiving it.

Giving endless extensions, forgiving lapsed deadlines and ignoring missing documents are not acceptable protocols if we are going to ensure that only legitimate grant claims are paid.

Many even expect us to pay the grant when they say they couldn't lose their weight due to an unexpected event such as a family member that needed care or a job that caused stress.

Some even signed up for weight loss services, cancelled right away and received a full refund. They then lost weight on their own and after doing so, attempted to claim the grant using the original receipt they received for the company that they cancelled and were already reimbursed for.

We had no idea how much abuse there would be, and we are coping with the process.

We hope people understand that we can only pay the grant when the weight loss is genuine, when the rules were followed and where we can verify the authenticity of the claim.