Why Kimberly Penfold's Grant was denied.

Kimberly Penfold lost her weight and requested a grant.

The process would have been easy to receive her grant if Kimberly didn't alter her weigh out form before and after the doctor signed it.

When Kimberly requested her grant in October of 2018, it was at the cusp of when WLGO was coming to terms with an excessive amount of fraud and bad behavior from applicants trying to redeem their grants without having followed the rules.

So when Kimberly's file was examined using a more critical eye toward identifying phony redemption requests, it was immediately conspicuous that Kimberly's weigh out form contained many irregularities, many of which were indicative of some of the bad behavior that was found to be happening.

As evidenced in Kimberly's weigh out form, (see document in the side panel) she (Kimberly) completed the part of the weigh out form that was supposed to be filled out by the doctor, and in doing so, entered information that was completely incorrect, thereby evidencing that Kimberly, and not the doctor, had a hand in entering information on the form. 


This could now also mean that it was Kimberly and not the doctor that entered the amount of her weight.

What did Kimberly enter wrong?
Instead of the doctor's clinic being entered in the top left side, Kimberly entered the name of the clinic where she lost her weight.

In addition, under where the doctor signed her name, Kimberly added the doctor's information to make it look like the doctor did it herself, however Kimberly erred when entering the doctor's phone number. (she wrote area code 902 instead of 905)

We became suspicious as the doctor would know her own area code.

This lead us to believe that Kimberly simply asked the doctor to sign the blank form, and then entered the other information herself afterward, including her weight.

We spent an exhaustive amount of time communicating with Kimberly's doctor's office as we believe that the doctor wanted to explain why she (the doctor) did not compete the form herself and why Kimberly did it afterward instead.


Kimberly admitted to us later in a May 30th email that she was the one that filled out the doctor's clinic name and that she also added the doctor's name to the area below the doctor's signature.

Kimberly initially denied having a hand in filling out the weigh out form suggesting that doing so would 'put her life in jeopardy' but then eventually admitted to filling out certain portions after she left the doctor's office. Kimberly suggested doing so was 'human error'.


If Kimberly had followed our instructions, she would have been approved quicker and with less hassles. Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Kimberly needs to take some ownership as to why her file was flagged. She knew or should have known that it is not permissible to fill out information for a doctor that is meant for the doctor to do.

We can't alter prescriptions doctors write for us and we can't write our own doctor's notes for insurers.

We are posting this information for two reasons.


Firstly, to defend our side of the story as the news media did not mention that Kimberly created her own problem by failing to follow instructions and for completing the weigh out form on behalf of the doctor.

Secondly, as a cautionary preface to those that have yet to apply for their grant - Don't think you need to try so hard to prove your weight loss if you actually lost it! The system will work for you.

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