How to Speed up Your Grant Payment after you Lose Your Weight

Sending Grant Payments in a timely manner is truly important to us!

Regrettably, we have experienced delays due to an inordinate amount of false grant claims, but we're working on it as we implement advanced systems for filtering out the bad actors. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and promise that each and every legitimate grant will be awarded!

Fraudulent Claims Hurts our Program and Delays the Payment of Grants

Fraudulent and false claims for grants has slowed down our adjudication team and our ability to process grants quickly.

In fact, more than half of the requests for grants are from people that have not reached their goal, but then still attempt to claim the grant by submitting phony documentation.

The result is that we now have to spend more time and resources carefully verifying every claim that is submitted, and have had to institute a zero tolerance policy. The false claims have also resulted in complaints from doctors that become implicated in the fraudulent activity because people are submitting weigh-out forms from doctor's that did not see the person to actually weight them out.

How does this happen?

Once you lose your weight, you are instructed to weigh-out at a Doctor's office whereupon the doctor will weigh you and then sign/complete a weight declaration form that should indicate your exact weight. Unfortunately, many of the weight declaration forms we receive are not actually from a Doctor, and/or the doctor has not actually weighed them.

Rather, they are completed by the applicant themselves and an unsuspecting Doctor's name has been added to the weight declaration form in order to make it look legitimate.

Of course, problems started to occur when we attempted to verify the validity of the form with the Doctor. We used to verify documents on a random basis, however when we started noticing an increasingly high amount of falsified forms, we had to start verifying every single document which of course takes time and resources and then adds to the delay of grant payments to legitimate recipients.

How to Speed up Your Grant Payment

You can speed up your grant payment (and everyone else's) by ensuring that your supporting documents are true, accurate, complete and submitted on time. You should avoid submitting your claim for the grant if you have not truly lost your weight.

We understand that it is tempting to take a few minutes of time to send in paper work in the hope that a grant cheque will arrive in the mail, however all you are doing is taxing our resources and depriving others of a timely response.

Remember, just because you send in documentation, it does not mean that a cheque is automatically issued. Your documentation will need to be verified and any red flags will slow down your review, or disqualify you.

Please refrain from requesting a grant if you have not lost your weight.


Most Common Methods used to Falsely Claim a Grant:

  • Finding a doctor's name on the internet and completing the weigh-out form with that doctor's name and address.

  • 'Forum Shopping': Going from walk-in clinic to walk-in clinic until you find a doctor that will just sign the form with the amount of weight you tell him or her you are at.

  • 'Rubber Stamping': Buying a $20 stamp from a business supply store that allows you to set up whatever name you want on it and then creating a stamp that shows the name and address of a doctor that supposedly weighed you out.

  • Telling your doctor that you will get a grant to lose weight if he 'just signs the form with the weight you wrote down'.

  • Getting a doctor to properly complete the weigh-out form, but then changing the weigh-in form to show that you started at a higher weight and therefore lost the amount of pounds needed in order to qualify.

    Remember: It is a criminal offense to submit a false claim.

Success Story!

Recipient: $597 Weight Loss Grant

I just wanted to say thank you for providing a great incentive to me for my weight loss success.


I wished I would have pushed the limit a bit more with the results that I wanted to achieve by my deadline, but at the time of making the commitment I was not aware of the success I would have so I did set my limits way to low.

Deborah Gillam

- Coquitlam, BC

Success Story!

Recipient: $980 Weight Loss Grant

'As the recipient of the Weight Loss Grant, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the tremendous support that you have provided me through this grant.
Before my journey began I was in a car accident..."


Shalyn Dussiame -

Toronto, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $1280 Weight Loss Grant

I wish to thank the Weight loss Grants organization for such a great initiative in helping Canadians achieve their weight loss goal. Thanks to you and the staff at Dalewood Health & Wellness I have manged to lose 30 lbs in 7 months.

Tammy Westphalen

-Toronto, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $1600 Weight Loss Grant

I would like to thank-you for the opportunity to kick start a life changing habit of better eating and healthier lifestyle as provided through the Weight Loss Grants Program (WLGP) and Dalewood Health Clinic.


Over the past 10 years, I have been steadily adding on weight each year that remains with me into the next year. Each year, I make a personal commitment to drop that weight, but with no success. Although each year only sees a 2-4 lbs. gain, over 10 years, that adds up.

Mike Strathearn

-Toronto, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $1388 Weight Loss Grant

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this grant. This weight loss has made me healthier, happier and more confident. This has also lifted the financial burden for us to obtain the help necessary for weight loss assistance and educate us regarding maintenance...

Sandy Marchese

Brampton, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $980 Weight Loss Grant

My weight has never really been an issue until a few years ago, when I turned 40. I noticed my metabolism changing and started to notice my weight increase to numbers I have never seen before! I have been struggling with weight loss since...

Sandra Alfano

Woodbridge, ON

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