Your Request for Grant Funds Won't Be Refused.

You are guaranteed to receive up to 80% of the cost of your weight loss program, to a maximum of $2,500, provided you have complied with the terms and conditions for participation as an Applicant of the Weight Loss Grants Program.


Over 90% of Applicants are accepted within days of applying.


Reasons You may be Rejected and what You can do about it.

If you are rejected for one or more of the reasons cited below, you will be allowed 10 days from the date of rejection to resolve any issues so you can be approved.


For example, if you were rejected because your application was missing information, you will be able to provide us with the missing information in order to complete your application and be approved.


Common Reasons for Rejection:

(1) You are currently involved in a weight loss program.
(2) Your method of weight loss is deemed unsafe or high-risk.
(3) Your method of weight loss includes full or partial surgery.
(4) You failed to agree with the program guidelines, terms and conditions.
(5) You were attempting to defraud or abuse the program.
(6) Your application was illegible or missing important information.
(7) Your weight loss goal is uncompelling or insignificant.

(8) You did not attend for a weigh-in.
(9) We were not able to confirm your information and/or provide you with a program orientation.


To be considered for a Weight Loss Grant, apply using the form on any page, or call 1-866-670-6578, 9am - 9pm ET, Monday to Friday.

Lost Your Weight?

Here's How to Speed up Your Grant


Success Story!

Recipient: $597 Weight Loss Grant

I just wanted to say thank you for providing a great incentive to me for my weight loss success.


I wished I would have pushed the limit a bit more with the results that I wanted to achieve by my deadline, but at the time of making the commitment I was not aware of the success I would have so I did set my limits way to low.

Deborah Gillam

- Coquitlam, BC

Success Story!

Recipient: $980 Weight Loss Grant

'As the recipient of the Weight Loss Grant, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the tremendous support that you have provided me through this grant.
Before my journey began I was in a car accident..."


Shalyn Dussiame -

Toronto, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $1280 Weight Loss Grant

I wish to thank the Weight loss Grants organization for such a great initiative in helping Canadians achieve their weight loss goal. Thanks to you and the staff at Dalewood Health & Wellness I have manged to lose 30 lbs in 7 months.

Tammy Westphalen

-Toronto, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $1600 Weight Loss Grant

I would like to thank-you for the opportunity to kick start a life changing habit of better eating and healthier lifestyle as provided through the Weight Loss Grants Program (WLGP) and Dalewood Health Clinic.


Over the past 10 years, I have been steadily adding on weight each year that remains with me into the next year. Each year, I make a personal commitment to drop that weight, but with no success. Although each year only sees a 2-4 lbs. gain, over 10 years, that adds up.

Mike Strathearn

-Toronto, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $1388 Weight Loss Grant

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this grant. This weight loss has made me healthier, happier and more confident. This has also lifted the financial burden for us to obtain the help necessary for weight loss assistance and educate us regarding maintenance...

Sandy Marchese

Brampton, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $980 Weight Loss Grant

My weight has never really been an issue until a few years ago, when I turned 40. I noticed my metabolism changing and started to notice my weight increase to numbers I have never seen before! I have been struggling with weight loss since...

Sandra Alfano

Woodbridge, ON

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