UPDATE - May 27th, 2019

Who is Rory O'Shea?

Rory O'Shea was 236 lbs and needed to lose about 38 lbs (198 lbs goal weight) to qualify for the grant.

Rory declared to have a 'medical condition'  and that he could not reduce his weight to 198 lbs. (Rory is 6 feet)

We took Rory at his word (that he had a 'health matter'), and set his goal at 206 lbs  which is 30 lbs weight loss, or about 13% of his body weight)

When Rory lost his 30lbs he asked for his grant upon which Rory now needed to provide a doctor's note substantiating his 'medical condition'.

Well, it turned out that Rory's medical condition was nothing more than Rory suggesting that he might look 'emaciated' if he was 198 lbs. There was no real medical condition and Rory's initial claim that he could not reduce to 198 lbs was false. He just wanted to give himself an unfair advantage to win the grant.

Accordingly, we rejected Rory's claim for a grant, (unless he provide a doctor's note supporting his claim for special treatment) and that's when the real threats started coming.

First. Rory lied and said that he is the brother or Sean O'Shea, the business-hating (our opinion) host of Consumer SOS on Global TV.

Rory also threatened to contact his friends in the media so they can run a negative segment on us if we didn't 'pay up'. Whoa, wait a minute, isn't that extortion? In other words, the act of using threats or force to obtain something from someone. (see: Definition of 'Extortion')

This is what Rory wrote to us:

We received the following email from Rory O'Shea this morning:

First up: you believed my claim that Sean O'Shea is my bother.  Same surname.  Big deal.  Should have done a little investigative work on your own to discover we"re not related.  Sean and I did have a good chuckle about it on the phone today though.  I understand you can expect a call from Global's legal team on Monday.  READ MORE

Rory O'Shea Letter

Even though Rory O'Shea claimed that he could not lose 16% of his body weight due to a 'health concern', he admitted later that he would.

In other words, his health concern was made up and only claimed so as to make it easier for himself to game the rules and win the grant.

On Thu, May 16, 2019 at 3:34 PM Rory O'Shea <rory@imedge.ca> wrote:

George -

If I don't receive a certified cheque I have every intention to reach out to the media across the board starting with my brother, Sean.  Sean O'Shea.  Investigative/Consumer reporter for Global News.

Fast forward to today: Rory succeeded in getting money from us because we believed that he was the brother of Sean O'Shea from Global TV's 'ConsumerSOS'.


We now understand that Rory and Sean are not brothers, but given the timing of Global's request for an interview, and the timing of when Rory made the claim that they were brothers, we thought it true at the time.

So yes, we sent Rory $1920 because we were intimidated by his threats.

He didn't deserve or warrant the payment and we sent it under duress.

We have since filed a criminal harassment complaint against Rory.

Rory and Sean O'Shea are not related, however one thing they do seem to share in common is that according to Rory, both he and Sean shared a good chuckle about this.

Rory received his grant cheque because he intimidated us into giving it to him. As you can see, we added the words 'Paid Under Duress' 

A criminal harassment complaint has been filed against Rory O'Shea.