What is a Weight Loss Grant?
A Weight Loss Grant is a Cost Reimbursement Grant awarded to a participant of our program that has successfully lost weight. The Grant does not need to be repaid and is used to help make weight loss programs more affordable.


Many participants also use the monetary incentive of the Grant as a personal motivation tool to support their weight loss goal.


Are the Grants paid out like a 'lottery'?
No, Grants are not paid in the style of a lottery and your name is not entered into a draw to win the Grant once you lose your weight.

Rather, there is a clear path for obtaining the Grant by simply losing your weight in the prescribed time for doing so. In other words, once you lose your weight, you will receive the Grant.

Is there a Fee to Apply?
No, there is no cost or fee to apply.

How long does it take to receive my Grant once I reach my goal?
Provided you have lost your weight and complied with the Program Guidelines, your grant will be paid in tandem with other approved applicants once all outstanding claims have been adjudicated on or by Q3 2020.

How Much Can I qualify for?
You may qualify for up to 80% of the cost of your weight loss program, to a maximum of $2,500.



Can the Grant be used at any Weight Loss Company?
Most Commercial Weight loss Companies and Weight loss Practitioners are eligible.

To review a list of eligible service providers, Click Here.

Can You Refer me to a Weight Loss Program?
Yes. If you do not have a preference, we can provide you with a referral to an Accredited Service Provider.

What is the Best Diet Plan to lose weight?
There are many different kinds of programs available. A good approach may be to find any diet that you can stick with for a long time that is good for your overall health such as your heart, bones and psyche, and not just your waistline.


Can I use more than 1 company to lose weight?
Yes. Your weight-loss plan of action may combine more than one service if it helps you to reach your goal. For example, you may receive nutrition counselling from one company, and personal training services from a different company.


Can I lose weight on my own and have my food costs covered?

No. Grants are provided to help off-set the cost of third party providers that can help you lose weight.

Can I lose weight and have my food covered if I am purchasing the food from a weight loss company?
Yes and No. Food costs can be included provided the food is prepared or manufactured and sold by a Registered Health Care professional and is incidental to their consulting services.

I want to use my own weight loss products or services to lose weight. Can I apply for a Grant to pay myself?

No. 'Self-dealing' transactions are not eligible. There must be an arm's length relationship between you and the weight loss company you wish to use.


Can I use a MLM company's products to lose weight?
Unfortunately, we do not accept MLM products as a strategy for losing weight because we cannot verify that the weight loss candidate's purchases are unrelated to their own distributorship.


How long will this Program be available?
This program will be available yearly for up to $3 million in allocations, and may be renewed in subsequent years subject to user experience, outcomes, and performance efficacy.


Will I have to re-pay the Grant money I receive toward my weight loss program?
No. The objective of this program is to encourage positive behavior and promote healthy attitudes and outcomes.  Accordingly, all proceeds are gifted.

Is it possible to receive Grant funds upfront?

No. Our Grants are Cost Reimbursement Grants, which are provided for a specific purpose (successful weight loss) and require a level of accountability and compliance before allowable expenditures are reimbursed.

Can my Application be Rejected?
Yes. Approximately 8% of applicants are rejected, usually for one or more of the following reasons:

(1) You have already started a weight loss program.

(2) Your weight loss goal is uncompelling or insignificant.

(3) Your method of weight loss includes full or partial surgery.

(4) You failed to agree with the program guidelines, terms and conditions.

(5) You were attempting to defraud or abuse the program.

(6) Your application was illegible or missing important information.
(7) Your method of weight loss is deemed unsafe or high-risk.

(8) We were not able to confirm your information and/or provide you with a program orientation.

(9) You did not attend for a weigh-in.


If you are rejected for one or more of the reasons cited above, you will be permitted up to 10 days from the date of rejection to resolve any issues so you can be approved.

What is an 'Accredited Service Provider'?

Accredited Service Providers are health care professionals that specialize in providing safe, effective weight loss programs that have been sanctioned by a governing body of Health Canada, and/or have been vigorously scrutinized by our Organization.

To learn more about Accredited Service Providers and the benefit of using one for your weight loss program, Click Here.

Does the Grant Money Come from the Government?

No. The Weight Loss Grants Program is not funded by any Government agency, it is funded by our Sponsors.

The term 'Grant' should be construed to mean 'money that does not need to be repaid'.


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