So, we've heard from Global TV's intern, Alvin Yu. (again)


Alvin works for Sean O'Shea at 'ConsumerSOS' and his email request is posted in the side panel.

Alvin is the guy that only contacts us when he wants something, and any other time he ignores our responses or 'forgets' to reply.


This time though, Alvin says he and O'Shea want to do a follow up segment and that it will be 'Fair & Balanced'.

I suppose that could easily be interpreted to mean that his first segment was unfair and bias. (It was)

At the end of the day, a scorpion can only behave like a scorpion. (Anecdotal story here)

Alvin, we respectfully reject your request for an on-camera interview however you can find the answers to your questions here:

Answer to question 1: The WLGO program has not re-started, and we have not closed down.

Answer to question 2: Those persons agreed to have their matter mitigated in public when they agreed to go on TV. We only posted our side of the story online to defend ourselves against the claims made by those people. We simply provided the opposing facts on our website. (We supplied this information to Global TV however Global did not refer to it)

Answer to question 3: is a shared email with more than one contributor whom all respond to many different matters.