Eligible Providers

Types of Providers, Applicable Services, and
Examples of Eligible Companies and Practitioners:

Commercial Weight Loss Companies

Grant proceeds can be applied to online or in-person service and include Membership Fees, Personal Coaching and Health Supplements.

Note: There are many kinds of commercial weight loss companies that are eligible.

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Gyms & Health Clubs

Grant proceeds can be used for Membership Fees, Health Supplements and Personal Trainers.


Note: There are many kinds of Gyms and Health Clubs that are eligible. 


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Medical Weight Loss Clinics

Medically supervised weight loss clinics may be preferred by candidates that have health issues, such as diabetes, that can be affected by a change in diet.


Grant proceeds can be applied toward in-person counseling. 


There are many kinds of Medical Weight Loss Clinics that are eligible.

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Registered Health Care Professionals

Grant proceeds can be applied toward in-person or remote counselling. 


Examples of Eligible Providers: Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists,
Holistic Nutritionists, and Naturopathic Doctors.


Some Registered Health Care Professionals are Accredited Service Providers.

(See Below)


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Accredited Service Providers

'Accredited Service Providers' are health care professionals that specialize in providing safe, effective, weight loss programs that adhere to guidelines imposed by their respective governing College(s), and/or have been scrutinized by our Organization.

There is no obligation to use an Accredited Service Provider for your weight loss program, however you may be entitled to receive enhanced funding considerations such as higher co-payments.

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The below list represents types of Service Providers, Applicable Services, and Examples of INELIGIBLE Companies and weight loss modalities:

Ineligible Service Providers

Certain types of companies, business practices and / or industries are INELIGIBLE for participation for different reasons.


Accordingly, the following companies and industries are not permitted for consideration or participation of a weight loss grant:

  • Weight Loss Products or Services that are offered or sold by multi-level marketing companies.

  • Invasive weight loss modalities that include surgery or needles.

  • Weight loss modalities that provide food items without also including counseling services from a licensed health care professional such as a registered dietitian.

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If you have a Question regarding the eligibility of a Service Provider, use the contact form below to send your question and we will respond within 1 business day.

We make no warranties or representation regarding any services provided by any Service Provider and we are not responsible for the actions of Service Providers or the treatment they provide in their private practices or businesses.


No endorsements are implied.


In certain circumstances, you may combine more than one Service Provider if doing so helps you reach your weight loss goal. Contact us for details.