Applicant/Recipient Funding Agreement

As an applicant, or potential recipient of a Weight Loss Grant, You agree to the following terms:


   1. You agree that your weight loss program may not consist, or partially consist of any invasive or surgical procedures.


   2. You certify that funds will only be disbursed to You upon verification of your starting weight, and the successful completion and verification of your weight loss goal within the period of time allocated for achieving your goal.

   3.  Once you have been admitted to the Program, there will be no changes permitted to your amount of weight loss, duration of time to lose the weight, or your Service Provider, unless explicitly agreed to in writing by an authorized employee of our Organization.

   4. You must remit your Supporting Documentation to us via the Applicant Funding Portal. An account will be provided to you after your information is confirmed.
   5. You agree that we may provide your information to authorized Service Providers, co-payers or Sponsors, their respective staff, third-party agents, volunteers or subsidiaries, for the purpose of providing you with referrals or consultations and to communicate with You regarding the status of your application; and/or to perform functions such as weigh-ins and customer service, etc.
   6.  When you apply for your grant at your deadline date, you will also include a written thank you letter, signed by you, thanking the Weight Loss Grants Organization for providing you with the incentive to lose your weight.
Payments will not be awarded unless/until a thank-you letter is received.

   7.  You agree to allow us to publicize or advertise or re-distribute in any other medium, including websites that publicize user reviews, you and/or your 'Thank You' letter to us and the disbursement of funds to You, and to utilize, without limitation, the use of any image or likeness of you already in the public domain, and/or upon request, to provide us with a suitable, current image of you taken after you have achieved your weight loss goal.

   8. You agree to lose a minimum of 20 (twenty) pounds, or 17% (seventeen percent) of your verified weight, whichever is greater.

   9. You consent to receiving email and telephone communications from us or our sponsors.

 10. You certify that You are at least 18 years of age.


Submitting an application for a Weight Loss Grant confirms you have read, understand and agree to the terms of this funding Agreement, as well as the Program Guidelines, which forms an integral part of this Agreement.

Lost Your Weight?

Here's How to Speed up Your Grant


Success Story!

Recipient: $1800 Weight Loss Grant

I would like to thank the Weight Loss Grants Program for helping me to achieve my goal of loosing extra weight. I lost 55 lbs in 8 months. Improved my overall health and fitness level. It was definitely a challenging but very educational experience,

Alex Luffer

Toronto, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $881 Weight Loss Grant

I started my journey in regards to weight loss, needing to loose 30 lbs. in regards to both my health and self-esteem.
I was looking for somewhere to make me accountable, as often, we end up cheating ourselves out of a lifetime commitment and confidence.


Crystal Mandley - 

Oshawa, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $150 Weight Loss Grant

If it wasn't for the availability of this grant program I never would have joined Weight Watchers because I was skeptical about weight loss programs.


Thanks to you I have lost 25 pounds and feel fantastic! I am so thankful for participating in the weight loss grants program and for joining Weight Watchers. 

Christine Edgar

Georgetown, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $1680 Weight Loss Grant

I would like to thank you for the incentive offered with the Weight Loss Grant. I would not have been able to try the Dalewood Clinic if not for the weight loss grant option for success. 


To reward myself and my success, I am using my grant money to purchase my own horse. Now I have lost the weight to confidentially ride and be there for her long term.

Nadine MacDougall

- Ottawa, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $1440 Weight Loss Grant

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude to you for providing me the opportunity to not only pursue weight loss but to actually make it happen.


I sincerely appreciate your generosity and cannot express enough how grateful I am.


Growing up in a chronically overweight family I never had the opportunity to learn about proper nutrition and diet never mind proper exercise.

Karen Jackson

Toronto, ON

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