Accredited Service Provider Information


Get Extra Help to Lose Weight.

If you wish, you may elect to use the services of an 'Accredited Service Provider'.


Accredited Service Providers are Health Care Practitioners and Organizations that specialize in providing safe, effective weight loss programs that have been sanctioned by a governing body of Health Canada, and/or have been vigorously scrutinized by our Organization.

Accredited Service Providers adhere to strict operating standards and guidelines with regard to diagnosis, pricing, program safety, effectiveness, professionalism, and the proper recommendation and dissemination of services.

Accredited Service Providers also give complimentary weigh-in services on behalf of all new applicants and contribute to our funding pool to help increase the number of Grant Applicants that can be accepted into the Program.


There is never any obligation to use the services of an Accredited Service Provider, however doing so permits you to receive enhanced funding considerations such as higher co-payments.








Please note: Accredited Service Providers are not available in all areas. Check with us to confirm if the company or practitioner you wish to use is an Accredited Service Provider in good standing.


Health Care Practitioners and Wellness Clinics Click Here to become an Accredited Service Provider.