About the Weight Loss Grant Program

The Weight Loss Grant Program is a research, information and funding organization founded in 2010 by health care practitioners and industry professionals.

The fundamental mandate for us is founded in the belief that obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with at least 2.8 million people dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese.

Governments, international partners, civil society, non governmental organizations and the private sector all have vital roles to play in contributing to obesity prevention.

Our response to the local obesity epidemic is to provide financial incentives to weightloss participants by offering to subsidize the cost of their Weight Loss programs. 

Up to $3 Million in funding subsidies is allocated each year to help people lose weight and take control of their overall health.

The Weight Loss Grant program is sponsored by members of the weight loss community throughout North America.

Participating sponsors pay a sponsor fee and/or provide free consultations to applicants seeking to lose weight and gain control of their health.

It is only through this channel that we are able to issue grants, promote advocacy programs, run media campaigns and sustain the program itself.

Additionally, we create and support programs that foster a positive relationship between weight loss companies and health care practitioners in their local communities.

Our Mission
Our Weight Loss Grant program is dedicated to providing financial support to all persons that possess a moral imperative to lose weight and re-take control over their lives.

We intend to continually achieve this by:

  •     Raising awareness of the benefits of battling obesity.

  •     Providing contributing weight loss companies and practitioners with  client-focused funding and advocacy programs; and,

  •     Expanding our Organization to new communities across North America every year.


Success Story!

Recipient: $1680.00 Weight Loss Grant

Not only have I reached my goal but with the tailored assistance of the Dalewood Health Clinics, I have been coached, learned specifics about my body and the impact of nutrients on it and created new eating habits which I intend to carry throughout my lifetime as well as pass along to our growing kids.

Paul Roussel

- Maple Ridge, BC

Success Story!

Recipient: $1634.00 Weight Loss Grant

I'm writing this letter to thank the Weight Loss Grants Program for giving me this wonderful opportunity to changed my life. With the motivation and support of the program. I've lost 50 pounds and gone down 4 dress sizes! 


Over the years my weight has increased, but it reached it's highest point after having my second child. Having little free time and feeling exhausted from raising 2 kids under 2, I relied too heavily on fast foods, sugar and chocolate...

Vanessa Hannam

- Toronto, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $1392.00 Weight Loss Grant

Thank you very much for guiding me along the route of my weight loss journey.

Your financial and motivational assistance is greatly appreciated.

Leon Linesman

Ariss, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $1680.00 Weight Loss Grant

I want to thank you so much for this achievement. It has made me to fell a great change.


I started my personal weight loss program with Dalewood Health Clinic, they are very support and kind. I did exercise with my personal trainer 4 times a week, this healthy way gave me a lot energy in life, I don't think I can stop this lifestyle ever...

Lei Xia -

Scarborough, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $1390.00 Weight Loss Grant

Thank you to the Weight Loss grant program for giving me my life back. The team is AMAZING to work with. They are all so easily accessible...

Julie Satov,

Gatineau, QC

Success Story!

Recipient: $1380.00 Weight Loss Grant

When I heard that the Weight Loss Grant Organization helped Canadians reach their goal by providing funding to live a healthier lifestyle I thought it was too good to be true. However, in this case, I am glad to know that it was very true.


From the very beginning helping me choose a weight loss partner to through the process being very supportive of my requests...

Paul Damaren -

Kitchener, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $282.00 Weight Loss Grant

I contacted the weight loss grants organization in hopes of helping me loose 70 lbs.
I already had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was just diagnosed with Diabetes. I was desperate and did not know where to turn.
My husband had found this site for a weight loss grants and suggested I contact them.


Maria Vaccaro -

Mississauga, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $980.00 Weight Loss Grant

I had always been in the 132 to 138 lbs. range until I was about 55.

After that, for some reason the weight was slowly yet steadily creeping up. In my early 60's I took it seriously and tried hard to lose some pounds however I never succeeded to lose more than a few lbs...

Christina Demeester, Toronto, ON

Success Story!

Recipient: $1680.00 Weight Loss Grant

While it's been a long journey to get there it is through programs like these when one puts one's own money on the line that one reaches more effective results.


Therefore, I would also like to encourage your institution to continue offering such invaluable incentive for others to improve their health.

Marcus Berger -

Ottawa, ON

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