It has come to our attention that a lawyer or paralegal has been advising applicants to name employees, shareholders, officer, directors and unrelated companies as defendants in claims against WLGO and Revverie.


Please note the following:


Employees, shareholders, officers and directors will not be subject to personal liability for torts alleged against a company they are employed by or act for.  This is a foundational principle of the separate corporate identity which is well established in Canadian tort law.


Accordingly, we will be using dissolution funds to hire counsel in order to file a motion with the court to have any defendants’ names removed from a statement of claim where the named defendant is not WLGO or Revverie Inc. 

To date, $6,000 has been drawn from the voluntary dissolution fund to pay for legal services in this regard.  These were funds allocated to paying weight loss grants under the program.

We do not deny anyone's right to the justice system.  However if claims include parties other than WLGO or Revverie Inc. we will vigorously defend to have those names removed, and will seek costs or any other redress the court may award.